Tina Sheinbein


Tina Sheinbein - Immediate Past President (Phoenix)

Tina is the Immediate Past President of IAJFL and is the Executive Director of the Phoenix Jewish Free Loan.  Tina joined Jewish Free Loan in 2005 as the Director of Development and Outreach.  In 2008 she assumed the position of Executive Director.  Tina has served as secretary of the IAJFL Executive Committee and was co-chair of the Small Agency Group.  In 2012, Tina staffed the IAJFL Conference in Phoenix.

Tina has worked within the Jewish community as an executive professional and before that as a volunteer for over 40 years.  Professionally Tina worked with the Phoenix Jewish Community Center, AIPAC, State of Israel Bonds and The Jess Schwartz Jewish Community High School.  Tina’s volunteer activities include President of the Hillel Advisory Council, Women’s Division Campaign Chair and President, Secretary and Treasurer of the Jewish Federation of Greater Phoenix.  She was also Chair of the National Committee on Leadership Development for CJF and a member and education vice-president of the UJA National Young Women’s Leadership Cabinet.
Married for 44 years to Irwin, they are the parents of 4 children and 5 grandchildren.  Tina has a MC (Masters of Counseling) degree from Arizona State University. Recognized in 2014 as the BBYO Outstanding Alumni, Tina also received the Lee Amada Young leadership Award from the Phoenix Jewish Federation.

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