Growth and Development Committee is MENTORING and Providing Best-Practices for our Global Colleagues

IAJFL’s Growth and Development Committee members–Mort Barr, Mannie Druker, Ginny Gendelman, Jordan Gill, Rachel Grose, Ed Hyken, Susan Luterman, Tracy Solomon and Chairman David Contorer —have been busy in the first 7 months of 2014.  We developed a “best practices” set of marketing examples for all to use in promoting free loans to new communities.  We have also focused on sharing these pieces and many other conversational interactions as part of our comprehensive MENTORSHIP program.

Twenty Jewish communities have been targeted for our committee members’ outreach efforts, where we are phoning and following-up with tachles sessions about the details of our loan programs, collections, outreach, marketing, fundraising and a myriad of other topics.  So far, first-round mentorship interfaces have taken place with Cleveland, Western New York, Springfield MA, Minneapolis, Toronto, Portland–Maine, New York City, San Diego and Pittsburgh.  We are reaching out to these IAJFL members in on ongoing way, and calls have been placed into a dozen more communities in the U.S. and Canada.

Folks are excited about the Toronto Conference when we promote the idea of attending to connect IN PERSON!  It’s a lot easier to get to know people for a mentorship interaction and ongoing collegial friendships when we sit around a table in sessions—formal and informal!  I hope we’ll see a number of attendees come to Toronto as a result of our G and D Committee outreach efforts.

Helping to establish new free-loan programs is another goal of our committee, and we will continue to check in on communities like Portland, OR, Maritimes, CANADA, New Orleans and Sarasota, FL.

Stay tuned for updates on new places where our committee members connect to launch and strengthen free-loan programs across the globe.